Our Story

“Of course, our name is a combination of Zen and Innovative”

Our Founder, Tarun, formed Zenovative as Struan LLC in 2014. The vision was clear – to provide high quality IT Compliance and related services. 


The Zen philosophy talks about decluttering and bring peace to oneself and one’s surroundings. We like to provide high quality solutions to our customers to declutter their work, alleviate and eliminate their business pain points with the peacefulness of Zen and our innovative thoughts and solutions. Since Tarun’s background is that of IT Quality, Process Improvements and using out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems, Zenovative isn’t only apt, it also stuck!

We don’t just innovate, we Zenovate!

Fun fact: Tarun named Struan LLC after Struan and Company, from the Asian Saga by James Clavell – Noble House.
It helped that it was also an anagram of “Tarun’s”!

Since our early days, we have come a fair bit. We provide services in the IT Compliance / EQMS space as well as Salesforce Development/Support and Cloud Offerings.

Zenovative also Partners/Resells major brands such as Jabra, Fortinet and Sparta Systems. 

We now have presence in the United States and India – our 2 homes being the Washington DC area, where we are headquartered and Bangalore, India.

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